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  • Are you tired of having acne?
  • Does it feel like people look at your pimples rather than at you?

ACNE BIOTIQUE is your key to the harmony of body and soul

The cause of acne is pathogenic microorganisms

The most common reason for acne occurring is a change in the skin’s microbial flora. Research of damaged skin cells showed a significant amount of harmful bacteria present deep in the skin. This bacteria causes inflammation and excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands.

  • Comedones
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Cysts

ACNE BIOTIQUE for when your skin is asking for help – what is, effect

The serum does not just mask acne but eliminates the causes of rashes. Organic ingredients regulate sebum production, nourish the stratum corneum of the epidermis and the upper layers of the dermis, relieve inflammation and tightness, and soften and deeply moisturize the skin.

What is the secret behind ACNE BIOTIQUE?

The unique formula of the serum, developed in a dermatological laboratory, combines all the benefits of organic cosmetics along with dignified results and ease of use.

Its gentle texture does not over-dry the skin and spreads evenly without clogging pores or leaving a greasy sheen. The serum effectively combats acne-causing bacteria, cleanses and narrows pores, and smoothes skin texture removing post-acne marks and scars.

ACNE BIOTIQUE is suitable for use on healthy skin, problematic and oily skin as well as sensitive skin. In just one interval of the product’s recommended use, you’ll feel the difference.

Combats all forms of acne

  • Kills bacteria that cause acne
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Gets rid of skin redness
  • Controls sebum production

Heals scars and marks left by post-acne

  • Brightens up pigmentation spots
  • Shrinks scars left by acne
  • Smoothes out facial skin color
  • Gives the skin a healthy shine

Prevents acne from reoccurring

  • Protects the skin from negative external factors
  • Helps the skin hold moisture
  • Restores natural skin pH
  • Increases skin elasticity

The results of double blind testing of ACNE BIOTIQUE and a popular professional product

A double-blind study is a method in which the product is kept secret from both the subjects and experimenters, allowing them to focus on their own perceptions.

Takes care of your skin 24/7

ACNE BIOTIQUE Intensive Care Serum for problematic and oily skin has a cumulative effect. The more often you use it, the longer you can enjoy flawlessly smooth, clear, and healthy skin.

See the results of at-home use of ACNE BIOTIQUE

Anastacia, 42

The problem: Adult with acne, and oily and sensitive skin.

Catherine, 36

The problem: skin inflammation, stretched out skin pores, comedones in the T zone and dull facial skin complexion

Lydia, 47

The problem: Scars and marks left by post-acne on the face

Emily Wright, Esthetician

The dream of smooth and clear skin has become a reality thanks to ACNE BIOTIQUE. A patented combination of herbal extracts combats all kinds of acne-causing bacteria. Your skin will look as if you have just left the beautician.

Within a few weeks, ACNE BIOTIQUE reduces sebum production and acne. This supplement helps restore and relax skin layers, and even get rid of old scars left by acne. This supplement is suitable for use on all skin types. After using it, the skin stops flaking, plus it can be used during regardless of the time of the year. I’ve been using ACNE BIOTIQUE for many years in my line of work, and all my clients are very satisfied with it.

ACNE BIOTIQUE’s secret formula

  • Aloe vera extract cleans and tightens pores; helps maintain normal skin ph; has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and calming effect on damaged parts of the skin
  • Orange peel extract improves skin tone; makes skin elastic; relieves inflammation; promotes healing of scars and marks left by acne; normalizes skin cell regeneration and improves blood microcirculation.
  • Tea tree oil combats acne; has a refreshing, relaxing effect; helps the skin hold moisture; and has an antibacterial, antioxidant and healing effect.
  • Licorice extract has a dimming effect on skin tone without clogging pores. It has a slight exfoliating effect to the skin without the use of particple that damage the skin. It delicately removes dead skin cells and improves facial skin tone.
  • Niacinamide has a powerful antibacterial effect, shrinks comedones (black spots and clogged pores), and prevents them from reoccurring.

How to order ACNE BIOTIQUE – original, official website, where to buy, buy online

  • Fill in the order form on this website
  • Wait for the operator to call you
  • Pick up your parcel and look younger than yesterday!

Real customer reviews of ACNE BIOTIQUE


I would never have thought that at 37, I’d look better than I did at 27… And I didn’t even have to resort to beauty injections or surgery. I’ve been using ACNE BIOTIQUE for 3 months now. My skin looks so good that I no longer need any powder, foundation or concealer.


I bought this product last year, and since then, I have had no problems with acne on my face. I recommend it to anyone with problematic skin.


I started using this supplement and immediately noticed the effect. My skin became beautiful, smooth, fresh and radiant. The problem of constantly having skin breakouts forever became a thing of the past! After finishing one recommended use of the product, I look the way I always dreamed of.


What a great supplement. It’s the only thing that helped me get rid of acne. Most importantly, it doesn’t overdry skin like other acne products. I’m really satisfied with the results.


This product has helped me better than professional care and expensive treatments at the beautician. I was hooked by the combination of the most potent ingredients that make my skin perfectly smooth, moisturized and clean. Most importantly, this serum gets rid of acne in the fastest and most effective way possible. It’s ideal for use in any season. Especially in summer – free from greasy sheen, acne and under reliable sun protection.


I’ve had pimples since I was 13 years old. I have tried everything to get rid of them, including ointments, creams, masks, pills, and many other supplements. They worked, of course, but only temporarily. All this time, I wondered why other severe conditions were successfully treated while nothing had been invented for acne. It seems that my prayers have been answered. When I ordered ACNE BIOTIQUE, I had no hope at first. But on the other hand, this product, which seemed like “another skin care product,” really worked! After three weeks, my inflammations disappeared, and my age spots faded. A little over a month later, all my pimples and their marks are gone. I’ve had perfect skin for half a year now!

In your region, we offer a 50% discount



Honest review: how to get rid of acne in a month?

Do you want to get rid of acne? Ask me how!

Leila, 36 y.o. Bahrain

Favourite quote: «The way to heaven is neither near nor far, but the God lets everyone in»

Life without mirrors

Facemasks made my face full of pimples. First were external (white) ones, then blind and very painful.

No foundation, not even the one with full coverage, could hide this. Makeup only made the problem worse. The pores were clogging even deeper. I thought I would pop a pimple, and it would go right away, but I multiplied the infection by making the wounds fester and bleed.

I was so “beautiful” that my husband was squeamish about kissing me. But I don’t blame him. I looked at my reflection in the mirror with disgust. But he didn’t spare money for me. I went to the best cosmetology clinic in the city. After tests, I was prescribed a treatment to fight acne.

Fighting pimples or failing over and over

New treatment for problem skin. I bought a whole line of products to fight acne: cleansing gel, toner, serum and cream. It only got worse. My face was covered with red spots. As the dermatologist said, I was allergic to benzoyl peroxide, the anti-acne agent. It just burned my skin, so it was peeling off, leaving dark marks/burns.

I was spotty like a leopard. I was ashamed to go out in public; I thought that all the attention was on me. I couldn’t visit my hairdresser to dye my grey hair, and the cuticles on my nails grew three layers thick. I only left the house when I had no other choice — to take the children to school and back if my assistant couldn’t make it in time. The only thing that saved me was a scarf.

Professional procedures. Next was an IPL course. This is a laser, which dissolves pimples and age spots. I can’t say anything about the effect. I had only 2 out of 15 procedures. The pain was unbearable, as if my skin was burnt with a branding iron. Painkillers didn’t help me, I couldn’t sleep on my side. I almost lost my mind. Of course, no one gave us our money back.

I was terrified of injections, and I didn’t agree to do it with my face. The only thing the clinic offered apart from that was mesotherapy. I had no desire to look for other specialists, and it didn’t make sense. The best ones didn’t meet my expectations or even half of my expenses.

Where did the pimples go, and what helped me?

I didn’t have any choice but to trust the internet. The more articles and forums I read, the more I noticed reviews about ACNE BIOTIQUE. That supplement has effective herbal ingredients that relieve acne and other problems like pigmentation, post-acne, dull skin and even wrinkles. I’m ordering it.

The delivery took only 2 days. I applied ACNE BIOTIQUE before going to bed. The serum suited my skin and softened it. The feeling of dryness and tightness disappeared almost immediately. The following morning I woke up, went to the mirror, and wished I had bought this product earlier!

Buying ACNE BIOTIQUE was the best decision


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Overnight the serum relieved the inflammation and redness of the skin. The pimples dried up and stopped oozing.

I washed my face and applied a few drops of ACNE BIOTIQUE to my face. By the way, the serum has a pleasant smell and does not dry the skin. In the evening, I didn’t have sheen oily skin. On the contrary, it was matte and soft, and my face seemed to glow.

My skin was unrecognizable in a week. There were no new pimples. The old ones were slowly healing. The spots were still there, of course. But in spite of that, my mood still improved. It was as if I had spread my wings. I immediately wanted to go out. I signed up for hair dying and manicure.

My husband noticed the changes. I decided to buy another two containers of ACNE BIOTIQUE since I use it both in the morning and evening.

Every day I looked at my face in the mirror for a long time and couldn’t get enough of it. My skin condition improved every day. My pores were contracting. Blackheads disappeared. No new pimples appeared. I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to be attractive to my husband again. Even my children said that their mother was beautiful again.


I managed to get rid of acne in a month. During this time, I used two bottles of ACNE BIOTIQUE. I have no new pimples. Thank God. I’m so happy. I live in paradise again. Without a thick layer of makeup, tears and complexes.

Before and after using ACNE BIOTIQUE

I just need to remove the spots, but I think ACNE BIOTIQUE will cope with them in a month or two. Besides, the cream made the wrinkles barely noticeable. And my facial contour has become more defined. I’ll continue to use it to maintain the effect and pray that it is not discontinued.

I’m not bragging, girls, I’m sharing! I know how pimples and wrinkles make life miserable and ruin mood. I have no right to keep this cream a secret, so here is a link to the official site where you can order ACNE BIOTIQUE without the markup of cosmetologists and pharmacies.

It helped me and it will definitely help you! Write your impressions and results in the comments, I want to be happy for you too!

ACNE BIOTIQUE forum, opinion, review


Just order it on the official site. Everyone is doing so, I also ordered it on the recommendation of the blog’s author. I’ve been using it for only 3 days, and I’ve already seen the effect! It’s like my pimples were erased! And ACNE BIOTIQUE was delivered right to my house.


Girls, this is the godsend of the year! Biorevitalization and mesotherapy did nothing compared to ACNE BIOTIQUE. I apply a thick layer to my face every night. In the morning my skin is softer than silk, my complexion is beautifully pink, no blemishes or pimples. I won’t trade it for anything else. I even threw the foundation in the rubbish, I don’t need it.


I called all the pharmacies and asked around, but no one had ever heard about this supplement. I was offered to buy something else, but I’ve already tried them all out and none of them worked.


Wow! Awesome result!


I never write reviews, but I couldn’t help myself here. I finished my bottle of ACNE BIOTIQUE yesterday. I want to order another one. I join the reviews and recommendations of the blog’s author. You won’t regret it. It makes the skin like silk, smooth and clean. No pimples or blemishes. Even during period. Here’s a photo of me in 2019 with constant rashes and with perfect skin today:


I agree. Two years ago, I bought Chanel’s blue line. By the second week, my face was covered with blind and external pimples. No acne creams helped me. I went to every dermatologist in town looking for a solution. I tried so many procedures: cleansing, peeling, and laser resurfacing. Thank God, I defeated the disease.


I’ve never understood people who are willing to pay a lot of money for a product of a well-known brand, instead of buying a good product with really effective ingredients. To each their own.

Janis Arnold

I haven’t seen this product anywhere. I asked my beautician, she had never even heard of it. I wouldn’t risk using untested cosmetics. Especially when you already have problems like acne.

Alison Reeves

Girls, I received the package yesterday. I’m starting the treatment. I hope for the best! I can’t live with this face any more, it’s such a shame. There are so many pimples on my face. There are wounds all over, because I’m always popping them. I’m even ashamed to show up like this in front of my father. I hope it will help me too.


I just love this product! It really works against acne, blemishes, and even post-acne. Look at how my skin has smoothed out after what the pimples have done to it.


I found out about this supplement from my friend who’s a cosmetician. It’s really a great product, inexpensive and effective.


Hi girls! I didn’t expect to see my favourite ACNE BIOTIQUE online. The brand is not that popular, and it’s almost impossible to find it on the shelves. But this is my salvation! It was recommended to me by a beautician. It was in London. If you have acne or post-acne, I CAN’T RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH! I can’t say it’s fast, but it took me 2 courses to get rid of all my skin flaws. It’s pimples, scars (I used to pop them to wounds), age spots and even wrinkles. With my husband’s permission, I’m posting a photo of myself, so you can compare before and after:


Hi, ladies! It’s true, ACNE BIOTIQUE is the best skin care supplement out there on the cosmetics market. It relieves all skin conditions; it’s hypoallergenic and usable in sunny climates without fear of sunburns, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen. I’m speaking as a dermatologist. In my practice, I recommend ACNE BIOTIQUE for treating acne. I’ve been seening incredible results among my patients.


Oh..I’ve tried so many different products on my face. AND NOTHING CAME OUT OF IT. I guess, I’ll just order this supplement just out of sheer curiousity.

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