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Must Try

  • You will be totally slim. Will change quickly.
  • No chemicals. 100% safe and natural extracts
  • You will be slim in just 1 month. Medical innovation with amazing results
  • Good health from the inside Increased metabolism rate. Beauty from the inside.
  • You won’t be fat again. Your shape will change perfectly in just a short time.

Newest weight loss trend in Kenya

4 weeks for an amazing shape

We present to you the key. You can check and compare this product with other products on the markets!

  • Stops the accumulation of new fat. The charcoal is effective in the absorption of fat and changes the fat into.
  • Your appetite will be adjusted stably. Black Latte helps improve the balance in the body. Your body will gain more energy. Your appetite will be reduced.
  • The metabolism is stimulated. The energy consumption level is increased. Metabolism system functions better. Weight is lost and your shape is as firm as if you worked out.
  • You will be in control of your emotions. The level of Cortisol, the hormone produced due to stress, will be reduced. So, you will be happy and joyful.

Change your shape with this miraculous method.

Black Latte what is, effect – is the secret of slim actresses’ energy

Black Latte is the dietary supplement product for weight control. This product contains only natural extracts. It’s very popular and the most recognised product in the Kenya. Both Hollywood and the scientific industry are very interested in this dietary supplement product.

  • The outstanding extracts for best results of this product are as follows:
  • Prevents the absorption of fat from the food you consume. Prevents the accumulation of fat in your body. Produces safe decomposition. Eliminates wastes, fat, and toxins.
  • Coconut Milk. Stimulates the metabolism. Promotes the ‘self-cleaning’ process in the body whereby fat accumulated around your sides and belly will be burnt effectively.
  • Omega-3. Increases the level of Leptin, which is responsible for burning body fat. Our body cannot produce Omega-3 by itself but can only take it only from the outside.
  • L-carnitine. Destroys and eliminates subcutaneous fat including the symptoms of cellulitis. Fights against sagging skin. Helps the body stay firm after losing several kilograms in weight.

Weight Loss: Taken from the numbers

  • 34% of people aged over 20 years old are overweight.
  • 76% of people around the world want to lose weight.
  • 300% is the increased percentage of people who want to lose weight.
  • 30 Average amount of days that Black Latte begins its process

The special offers are limited!

Black Latte is the supreme natural supplementary product that can stop the accumulation of new fat and burns existing fat.

This product is ideal for people who want to lose weight safely without any side effects.

The results are visible from the very first day!

American scientists discovered the easy method to lose weight without changing your lifestyle. They developed the drink called Black Latte. The taste of this product is very similar to your favourite latte. However, this product contains the charcoal that can effectively absorb fat. The charcoal also destroys the fat and eliminates all of the wastes and toxins from your body. Your excessive weight will be gone while your breasts will not be affected. Black Latte helps stimulate the metabolism and reduces the appetite. With this product, you can lose several kilograms of weight without any workout or feeling hungry.

Increases fat burning efficiency

Your shape will change in just the first week!

No worries about counting calories. No crazy workout.

  • Chubbiness will no longer be a problem.. Stimulates the metabolism system. No fat accumulation.
  • Improves the balance of the digestion system. Helps control your daily appetite
  • Blocks carbohydrates and fat confidently. Prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar and accumulated fat
  • Good health and stable moods. Your emotions will be improved. You will be happy and joyful with good health from the inside.

How to take Black Latte?

You will become the New You.

  • Step 01. Take the dietary supplement. Add a spoonful of Black Latte to a glass or cup of hot water. Drink it once a day. For the highest absorption rate, it is recommended to drink it in the morning.
  • Step 02. Metabolism begins. Your body will increase its metabolism. The older fat will be used while carbohydrates are blocked and new fat accumulation is prevented.
  • Step 03. Your shape changes. Your abdomen will become flat. Excessive fat and cellulites will be reduced. Your shape will be confidently firm.

Proof of satisfaction from Black Latte customers

Results may vary depending on each individual.

Gladness Makame

It’s very hard to believe that I can lose weight without feeling hungry! I love Black Latte so much. It’s yummy and suppresses the hunger. My heartburn is gone. I dare to say that this is the first product that can help me lose 10 kilograms! At the beginning, my weight loss was very slow but after a while, I could lose 1 kilogram per day.

Marisa Salehe

Now, I have taken a whole jar’s worth of this product. The results are very obvious. My appetite for snacks has gone. My goal was to lose 7 kilograms in weight. A month has gone and I have already lost 3 kilograms even though I don’t work out. I strongly recommend all girls try this product. I love this product so much!

Amidah Bakari

I lost 7 kilograms in 3 weeks. My friends were shocked with my physical change. I should give the credit to my strict workout and weight control, including the little helper recommended by my friends i.e. Black Latte. I love my body a lot now. I can wear high-heel shoes for a long time without any pain in my legs. Moreover, my cellulite dimples are reduced and are now unnoticeable. If I hadn’t tried this product myself, I won’t have known how excellent it is.

What do our customers say?

This is the feedback from our customers after using the detoxification supplementary product.


Does the product really help me lose weight?

This product contains the extract of Garcinia Cambogia, which helps stimulate the body’s metabolism. Your excessive weight will be therefore reduced.

Taking this product, do I need to be on diet?

You don’t need to be on diet. You can eat what you want. This product contains grape extract that will trap your fat and turns it into waste. Meanwhile, the green tea extract will eliminate the wastes from your body. As a result, all fat will be eliminated from your body.

Do I need to work out to lose weight?

This product helps block carbohydrates and sugar. As the product directly breaks down the fat, you may sweat more as if you exercised. Your weight is still lost even though you don’t work out. However, your shape might take a longer time to get firmer when compared with customers who work out. It is recommended that you take the product continuously for a firm body.

Are there any dangers or side effects?

This product contains only 100% natural extracts from fruits and plants without any chemical substances. There are no side effects or chemical residues in your body. So, this product is totally safe.

I used to take several products before and resist taking drugs, can I still lose weight?

Even the customers resisting drugs can still lose their weight. We recommend you take the products continuously and you will get effective results.

If I take the product until I’m satisfied with my shape, if then stop taking it, will there be a yoyo effect?

When your weight is at your satisfactory level, we recommend you continue taking the product for a week. After that, there will be no yoyo effect and you won’t be fat again.

Black Latte where to buy, original – order now!


Black Latte is a unique dietary supplement with a natural formula of Garcinia Cambogia, Garcinia mangostana, Green Coffee extract and Guazuma Ulmifolia.

Black Latte is formulated for both men and women that wish to lose excess weight with little effort and no harmful side effects.

Numerous clinical studies have recommended to use Black Latte for effective weight loss. Your organism will be clean and will absorb all necessary nutrients and vitamins, so your appetite will suppress. Your metabolic rate will go up and your body will be able to burn more calories, even when you aren’t active. Black Latte will also remove the excess liquid from your cells.

Woman dropped seven dress sizes in a year – taking Black Latte: forum, opinion, review

Hi, my name is Eze Odey and I’m a pretty average human being

Carbs are my religion and smeared eyeliner is part of my usual aesthetic. One time, I woke up with an entire pizza in my purse. It was pepperoni, so that was cool.

To put things simply, I’m one of those girls who’s single and no one wonders why. It’s just a well-known fact I’d rather be making love to a hot plate of lasagna than a man who’s probably shorter than me.

If I’m being completely honest (the Internet is a safe space, right?!), I gained some serious weight during my undergrad experience.

It just didn’t appeal to me to sustain a healthy lifestyle when I knew I could eat cookies, bagels, ice cream and chips instead of any other healthy food.

Over the past couple of months, I decided it’s time to get my high school body back. It’s the only way to make every boy who’s ever rejected me realize he made a mistake and I’m perfect (I’m kidding, roast me). Besides, I started to feel really bad, I had headaches and fatigue all the time, my breath was so disgusting and I never was in good mood. So, I felt like I was punished for being so disgusting and I decided to change my life for sure.

I’d tried the Keto diet, lemon diet, protein-only diet, no sugar, I tried everything, but it just didn’t help. The doctors said me, that I had intoxication and prescribed Black Latte for weight loss.

I decided to try Black Latte

About a month ago, I bought the Black Latte. All you have to do is drink 1 capsule per day before meals with a glass of water. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Here’s the thing about detox pills: You can just drink it before meals every day and you don’t need to diet and follow these crazy food restrictions. Black Latte will take care of burning extra kilos.

It definitely helped me feel energized and got my metabolism going. I could feel the fat burning off my body.

I wasn’t crazy about checking the scale, which was a good thing. I actually didn’t expect to have such successful results, so I only checked my weight once every week.

When the course Black Latte was over, I stepped on the scale and was pleasantly surprised to find out I lost 31 kilos.

And all this thanks to Black Latte

I also got butt naked every time I stood on the scale and only weighed myself in the morning (before eating anything) so I could get the absolute lowest number. I’m sure that played a part.

I even got a solid 32 likes on one of my Instagrams without having to like it from my fake account. I also went down a couple of jean sizes, so that’s pretty sweet.

Just 1 course of black latte and you will get slim healthy body

  • Effective weight loss
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Reduces appetite
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Boosts antioxidant levels

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