Seriously! Celiac Disease!

Must Try

Those of us who have suffered with Celiac Disease know how serious it is. Often our friends and relatives think we are exaggerating or overly cautious.  We need to do more than just explain what gluten is, or to demonstrate how tasty something we bake can be.

We need to participate in an actual conversation with our family members and tell them that Celiac Disease may be part of their own physiological make-up. Sitting down, one on one, with family members and having THE conversation is best.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and physicians have worked on this campaign for years, gathering not only medical information to add to their campaign, but discovering that family members just don’t quite know how/why/what to do.  The announcement and video that the NFCA has put forward is your best tool to help educate your loved ones about being tested. It’s a simple, fast, easy blood test.

Visit the NFCA website, and find out more about their campaign. The link to this is:

Watch the video and gather helpful ways to have a serious conversation with your family members.

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