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Does your skin, hair or nails bother you?

  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • Improves skin smoothness.
  • Strengthens nails, and stimulates nail regeneration.
  • Prevents hair loss, and makes hair thicker.
  • Restores synthesis of the structural proteins, collagen and elastin.

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CollagenIQ only uses active ingredients – what is, side effects, official website

CollagenIQ helps improve skin, hair and nail condition as well as gets rid of the first signs of aging. When hydrolyzed collagen gets absorbed into the body, it breaks down into peptides that immediately work to restore tissues with a structural protein deficiency. This intiates synthesis of the fundamental structural proteins, collagen and elastin, which are specifically responsible for skin elasticity, hair thickness as well as preventing hair from falling out or breaking.

Its positive effect can be noticed from first use, and when used regularly, skin, hair and nails quality have their natural structural integrity restored.

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3. How old are you?

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The amount of available collagen in the body decreases with age, and this can be noticed by checking your skin, hair and nail condition. Taking hydrolyzed collagen will restore the body’s collagen level, and activate natural synthesis. CollagenIQ capsules, in addition to the main ingredient, also contain vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which improve peptide absorption and promote the natural production of structural proteins. From first use, you’ll notice an improvement, and when used regularly, CollagenIQ restores youth and beauty, and keeps skin, hair and nails healthy.

Advantages of CollagenIQ capsules for skin, hair and nail health – where to buy, effect

  • Numerous effects

Restores the body’s natural collagen level.

  • Perfectly safe – no side-effects

Completely safe for one-time or regular usage.

  • 100% natural composition

Only herbal active components.

  • High efficiency

Improves the general condition and reduces pain after first application.

  • Tested by experts

Certified and meets high standards.

How to take CollagenIQ – how to use, comments, buy

  • Take 1 capsule 2 times a day, 30 minutes before meal
  • Try to take capsules at the same time daily
  • Recommended course duration: 30 days

Beware of risky imitations!

How to order Collagen IQ capsules to keep your skin, hair and nails healthy and beautiful – original, price

  • Complete order form,
  • Choose shipping method,
  • Pay for product upon receipt.

Discount 50%!

13990 ₦

27980 ₦

Cosmetology and plastic surgery in Nigeria are flat-out confusing

A famous US cosmetologist gave a frank interview to a Nigerian newspaper.

Dr. Alexander Walsh, dermatologist and cosmetologist, head of the cosmetology department at plastic surgery clinic:

Skin, hair and nail problems are all caused by the same thing the doctors stubbornly ignore.

Dr. Alexander Walsh: «In Nigeria, they still use outdated and ineffective methods and approaches to fight skin, hair and nail problems, and their effect is only temporary. In the USA, it’s as easy to solve these problems as to get rid of a cold». Last year, Alexander Walsh went to Nigeria to exchange experience with local cosmetology experts. What he saw disappointed him. According to the doctor, Nigerian cosmetology is in embryonic state, it has nothing to offer to the people who really need it. After big talk at the conference, Dr. Alexander Walsh agreed to give us an interview. What’s so special about Nigerian cosmetology that the doctor didn’t like it that much? Why does he claim that our country’s citizens who have cosmetic and esthetic problems will never be able to get rid of them?

Last year Alexander Walsh traveled to Nigeria to study the experience of the country’s medics. He was disheartened by what he saw. According to the Doctor, the area of cosmetology in Nigeria is in such a state that it’s like it’s stuck in the middle of the previous century. After making several high-profile speeches at the conference, Dr. Alexander Walsh agreed to give us an interview. What was it about Nigerian medicine that displeased the Doctor so much? And why does he claim that the citizens of our country with sore joints will never be cured of their ailments?

– Talking in front of the Nigerian journalists, you said that what you saw in Nigeria shocked you. Could you please explain?

– Before we switch to this subject, please let me say I truly respect your country, culture and people. But I understand why my American colleagues are, well, concerned about the state of cosmetology here. After all, here, you lag at least 20 or 30 years behind the rest of Europe and USA. The areas where it’s very noticeable are cosmetology and dermatology. One can say there’re no these areas in Nigeria.

Just have a look at why people visit a cosmetologist. Saggy skin, wrinkles, folds, pigmentation, saggy jawl, thin hair, hair loss… This list is endless. What do the experts do? Yes, they pump as much money as possible from their patients. It’s about useless, dangerous and ineffective procedures that should be done regularly, expensive cosmetics products that deliver no effect, low-quality injection materials, unproper techniques, and, as a last resort, plastic surgery… This is all our experts can offer to people. Of course, some methods do work, but their effect is there as long as you use them. Unfortunately, using them doesn’t guarantee long-lasting and safe results – many cosmetics products have severe side effects and cause allergy. If used regularly, they deliver minor visual effect, but if you miss a procedure, all the problems you fought will be back.

Meanwhile, cosmetic problems with skin, nails and hair are a serious symptom of collagen level reduction and preliminary ageing. You start ageing as a young person, at 20-23, and collagen level shrinks more and more year after year, leading to thinner framework made of natural proteins, as well as wrinkle development, hair loss and brittle nails. If you ignore the symptoms for a long time, lack of collagen affects your bones, cartilages and ligaments. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your health, compensate for the lack of collagen and stimulate its synthesis naturally.

Injections, mesotherapy, microcurrent – these things are no more popular in the USA since long ago. Practice proved that they are ineffective in 98% of cases. They exist only to make cosmetologists rich.

So-called “chondroprotective agents” are even banned because they are useless fakes. Your doctors and pharmacists ruin people’s health! Obviously, it’s very profitable to sell painkillers at a high price all the time. But it’s better to get rid of a disease forever and restore your dying cartilage, but you can’t do it here!

– How do they solve these problems in the USA?

Dr. Alexander Walsh:

– All US doctors, starting with specialized doctors and up to general practitioners and nurse practitioners, realized long ago that you should remove not only visual problems, but also their main cause – lack of collagen. This is the key to strong health, beauty, youth and longevity.

Collagen is fibrous protein which the connective tissue of the body is based on. Tendons, bones, cartilages, derm, eye cornea, walls of blood vessels, teeth, liver, placenta and much more body parts consist of it. Another structural protein is elastin. Together, they make the skin strong and elastic, work as a framework for it, preventing it from sagging.

When you’re young, collagen level restores naturally by synthesis of the molecules of protein from structural elements. As you age, their levels reduce and go to own to zero, blocking the synthesis and stopping the processes of natural regeneration.

Thinned structural protein strands can’t keep the hair and skin elastic and resilient, so the hair gets fragile and their ends get slipped, a person develops hair loss and nail deformation. You can also see wrinkles, folds, pigmentation and other problems on their skin.

If you don’t take prevention measures timely, bones and cartilages lose collagen and this leads to joint problems and higher risks of dangerous fractures.

That’s why the American dermatologists and cosmetologists restore collagen level and stimulate its natural synthesis first. This allows to avoid unpleasant consequences such as joint, bone and ligament problems, slow down ageing and prolong youth.

That’s why India’s rheumatologists first of all restore blood circulation in the riddled joint, so that the ortho-salts accumulated over the years are removed from it. This, in turn, restores normal synovial fluid circulation and initiates the process of joint tissue repair.

Human skin can restore and regenerate quickly – check how fast the cuts and scratches get healed. You only need to help your skin and provide it with structural elements it needs for collagen and elastin protein synthesis.

Back in the 90-s, American scientists managed to come up with hydrolyzed form of collagen. When it gets into the body, its molecules break into peptides that will be used to synthesize collagen fibers. Nature can offer nothing else that would be able so powerful and could increase natural collagen synthesis. Compare: when you take regular collagen, it doesn’t get absorbed, so you waste your money.

The most interesting thing is that when you take hydrolyzed collagen, you fully provide your body with structural elements. Your natural protein framework of the skin restores, wrinkles get smoothed out, complexion improves, hair and nails growth improves as well.

Nigerian medical cosmetological statistics shocked me. Did you know that they solve 90% of esthetic problems with the help of filler injections or plastic surgery? That’s how they treat common wrinkles, the ones you can easily get rid of in the USA in a couple of weeks. Here, they use injections and surgery. They kill a fly with an elephant gun!

The symptoms of collagen level reduction that are still treated “separately” in Nigeria are eliminated with the help of a complex approach in the USA and other countries of Europe. Everyone should know these signs:

  • Wrinkles, folds, creases on the skin
  • Spider veins, peeling and dry skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Dry and brittle hair, hair loss
  • Nail bed deformation

This list is very short, you can actually list the symptoms of lack of collagen forever.

The point is that it’s very easy to solve all these problems – you only need to take hydrolyze collagen. It’s quick and safe, you don’t even need a doctor, you can do it at home.

– So, how can one restore collagen level?

– Begin with eliminating its source – lack of structural elements. To put it simple, you need to provide body cells with sufficient amount of building material. This will start the process of natural regeneration and restoration of the skin’s protein framework, make your skin, hair and nails heathy and beautiful and slow down ageing due to neutralization of free radicals and help you to look younger.

I recommend my patients to use CollagenIQ. These capsules contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. Reducing the activity of free radicals that provoke structural protein degeneration, active components of the solution stimulate connective tissue regeneration. They promote natural collagen synthesis, thus providing the body with sufficient amount of structural elements.

Unlike its analogues and products for topical use, CollagenIQ delivers a complex effect. It doesn’t only eliminate visible symptoms, it also removes their true cause, slows down ageing and helps to restore your beauty and youth.

  • smooths out wrinkles, folds and creases
  • evens out complexion, removes pigmentation
  • makes hair denser and thicker, gives it shine and reduces hair loss
  • makes hair less fragile, reduces split ends
  • strengthens and evens out nail bed.

– CollagenIQ as far as we know, is not sold in Nigerian pharmacies?

– Right, that’s the problem. Nigerian doctors prefer to sell useless solutions that can only make promises, but can’t deliver on promises. Creams, shampoos, balms and masks with collagen can’t compensate for collagen lack and improve its balance – their molecules just can’t penetrate into skin, hair and nails, stay on the surface and get washed out by water. Therefore, it’s just a waste of time and money.

At the same time, I don’t doubt that your specialists, at least those interested in progressive cosmetology methods, know about CollagenIQ and its regenerative properties. But they don’t take the risks of prescribing the solution not listed by the Ministry of Health.

As far as I know, the manufacturer of CollagenIQ wanted to enter Nigerian market. But he wasn’t allowed to do that – hundreds of red tape obstacles sprung up in his way (the bureaucracy in Nigeria is ineradicable). And it’s pretty obvious why that happened – if this drug appears in pharmacies, the pharmaceutical mafia will suffer colossal losses. After all, pharmacology is nothing but a business nowadays! Even in the well-developed countries of Europe. But, business there is controlled by the state, I won’t try to decipher the situation here in Nigeria, I’ll leave that to you.

– What advice would you give to Nigeria residents that suffer from joint pain?

– Ordinary people, especially those over 50, suffer the most from the backwardness of Nigerian medicine. It’s not their fault, it’s just the way the healthcare system here works.

Fortunately, there’s a way out. We came to agreement with the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology in Nigeria to distribute our solution at a low price among all citizens of Nigeria who have the problems listed above. Now, every citizen has a chance to forget about skin, hair and nail problems forever.

Now let me tell you what you need to do to get CollagenIQ

Follow the instructions below:

  • To get CollagenIQ, fill out the official application form at the end of this article;
  • Our manager will call you back and answer all your questions (if you have any). They will also ask you to confirm the delivery address;
  • After 5-7 days, pick up your package at your post office.

We have been distributing CollagenIQ for 2 months now. Several thousand residents of Nigeria have already got their package. We ask everyone who received CollagenIQ to rate how well the drug helped them on a scale from 1 to 10. So far, more than 10,000 people have taken part in the survey and the average rating of the drug is 9.97 out of 10.

As you can see, CollagenIQ helped thousands of people to improve their health and get their beauty and young look back. You can do it at any age.

– For how long will the drug be distributed?

– While supplies last. But I want to warn you right away that there is very little of the drug left. We weren’t expecting such a surge in demand. Word of mouth, you know? People pass information on to each other, tell their friends about it, order the CollagenIQ for their family members. We were surprised that CollagenIQ would become so well-known throughout Nigeria so quickly. While CollagenIQ is still somewhat in stock, I recommend all people over 45 to leave a request for CollagenIQ.

Comments – CollagenIQ opinion, forum, review


Thanks for the informative article! I ordered it for myself. I asked the consultant when new shipments of the drug are expected and he said that no one knew. The product is in high demand and supplies won’t last for long! Guess I got lucky.


I’m one of those who has already tried CollagenIQ. It really helps. When my wife left me, I let myself go and stopped taking care of my appearance. My son brought CollagenIQ capsules for me and told me to take them twice a day. I took them without caring much about it, and, you know, I can feel the effect! I got 10 years younger, lost weight, hair loss stopped, women can’t take their eyes off me again. I’m now interested in life again – that’s all I need!!! I believe everyone should give it a try.


I’m just 63, but I began to develop health problems when I was 53 – my hair and teeth began to fell out, my nails deformed. Doctors prescribed me with a ton of solutions, vitamins and minerals, but they didn’t help. Only taking CollagenIQ helped to improve the situation, I even feel much better and I look very different now as well. It’s an incredible solution. Highly recommended.


I left a request. They promised that in 5 days I would get it in the mail. I really hope so.


I visited a cosmetologist because of premature ageing problem and got fillers injected into the lip and smile line areas and between my eyebrows. Now, I need to do this procedure every 2-3 months, otherwise, the skin will get saggy and I’ll look old. A nurse secretly told me about CollagenIQ and recommended me to complete a course – she said it would restore collagen level and help me to solve my problem. It looked like this solution was suitable for me. I ordered it, received the parcel and started taking it. I’l tell you about the effect later. I hope it’ll help. I’m tired of wasting my money.


Yeah, unfortunately, our country has no anti-ageing solutions. I’m 59. 2/3 of people of me age look as if they’re 90, all men are bald. It makes think, you know….


The product is really great. I used it last summer when my son brought it from Europe. I took it as vitamins or a supplement, but the effect is really cool. I feel like I’m 20. Highly recommended.


I also had a pleasant experience with CollagenIQ. I also had to constantly take injections, but then I found out about CollagenIQ. I’ve been feeling like a normal healthy human being for 2 months now!


As I grew older, I decided to take care of my health, visited a doctor, and she recommended me to try this product – CollagenIQ – to strengthen my health and slow down ageing ( she was young and probably she was an idealist who thought that medicine exists to help people, not to pump money out of them). I really love CollagenIQ. I completed a course, as the doctor told me to. 3 weeks later, I forgot about all my problems. I feel so young!


My neighbor is 72, he often complained of being old and infirm. But now I can see him active and happy. He says he took CollagenIQ, his son bought it somewhere.


An incredible drug. Everyone should try it, you will not regret it!


I learned about CollagenIQ on one of the forums for people who take care of their health. Some boasted of the results they got after taking this solution, that’s why I decided to order it. I’ve been using it for just 3 days, but I can already see some improvements. My skin is smoother now, small wrinkles reduced, my face isn’t swollen in the morning anymore. I wonder how the things will change, but currently the situation looks very promising.


Thanks! I ordered it for myself and for my husband. I asked the operator when it would be for sale in regular pharmacies and he said that it probably won’t at all. So, maybe this was my only opportunity to try this drug.

In 28 days, you’ll forget all about problems with skin, nails and hair – CollagenIQ official website, price, effect

The effectiveness of this product was confirmed by medical trials.

Hi. My name is Luis Recio. I’m a professor, scientist and specialist on monocular biology. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my great accomplishment that won me nomination for a nobel prize. I developed a method that anyone can use to restore their beauty and youth at any age. This unordinary supplement improves skin, hair and nail condition in just 28 days of use with results 100% guaranteed. Also, no, it doesn’t involve using a cream, a shot or a scapel. It’s completely safe to use.

Now then, CollagenIQ is perfect for those intending to:

  • Improve skin, hair and nail condition since the capsules work on a monecular level from first use;
  • Restore synthesis of the structural proteins, collagen and elastin, thus strengthening scaffold protein;
  • Get rid of wrinkles, pigmentation spots, dry and flaky skin;
  • Make hair denser and keep it from falling out as well as restore its thickness and shininess;
  • Prevent brittle nails, smooth and strengthen nail plates;
  • Reduce the influence of negative factors on skin, hair and nail condition; and slow down the aging process, thus extending youth.

Keep in mind that all of this can be done without the need of: doing extraneous research and pain-staking tests; paying for overpriced treatment; constantly making visits to specialists (that, in most cases, result in being prescribed ineffective placebo medicines); taking explicitly harmful drugs (that have severe side effects on the liver, stomach and kidneys)..; and, last but not least, there’s no need to pay an outrageous amount of money. If you want to do all of this, then carefully read what I’m about to tell you.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, and whether you have skin, hair or nail problems. All of this is regardless since the amount of the body’s collagen decreases with age; leading to the first wrinkles, signs of hair loss, brittle nails and other problems. Many doctors treat the mentioned symptoms seperately just like the symptoms of chronic diseases. This treatment approach is fundamentally incapable of solving the problem or producing any kind of positive results. That’s why, if you’re wanting to: restore skin elasticity and pigmentation; make your hair thick and shiny; and make your nails hard and strong, all you need to do this is 28 days. Do this and you’re 100% guaranteed to have completely natural and safe results.

I’m offering you an effective alternative solution to skin, hair and nail problems. Take into consideration the following advantages:

  • It activates the body’s natural regeneration mechanism and stimulates growth of structural proteins on a cellular level;
  • It’s completely safe to use as the macromolecular formula consists 100% of natural ingredients that work together with the human body. The capsules have no side effects or contraindicatives;
  • The supplement is simple to use so it can be taken at home, eliminating the need to see a specialist;
  • It’s available at an affordable price. CollagenIQ will help you save thousands of pesos that you would’ve spent on ineffective, synthetic substances intead.

I found a natural method that restores the body’s collagen level

Thanks to it, you can forget about all your problems. Dull skin, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, hair loss, brittle and deformed nails. These problems as well as others will all be a thing of the past. You’ll not only get rid of the symptoms, but also slow the aging process and extend your youth for many years.

You’ll look 5, 10 or even 15 years below your biological age. You’ll recieve compliments and definitely become the center of attention. Healthy skin, hair and nails will become one of your key features, allowing you to enjoy every moment of life without thinking about health problems. All of this is possible thanks to the innovative formula that restores the body’s collagen level, and stimulates synthesis of structural proteins. Would you like to know how I did it?

I just wanted to help my mother look younger

According to the latest research, one in three people in Peru, aged 36 to 95, look older than their age. Most of these people don’t even realize it themselves. They just think that wrinkles, flabby skin and a saggy face are normal to have at 35 years old. Our people are used to living this way. Few people know that this is actually a visible sign of more serious problems connected with an deficiency of structural elements and scaffold protein supply.

Unfortunately, my mother was among these people. At 55 years old, she looked as if she were 75, and that upset her a lot. Her skin was covered in deep wrinkles, her face was saggy, her hair started falling out in big clumps and the so her previously fabulous hairdo turned into patchy spots of hair. She became embarassed by her looks, which made her stay in all the time and stop talking to relatives and friends. She was too ashamed of how she looked.

This problem became a threat for both her psychological stage of being as well as her physical health!

The worst part that was she became really depressed. I’ll never forget the day she went to consult with a cosmetician. She had been considering several cosmetic procedures and buying skin care products to look a little younger again. But then, the cosmetician she ended up seeing decided to just sell her a bunch of cheap cosmetics at a high price.

I was furious when I saw a pile of random lotions and skin care products as well as hair loss and skin strengthening vitamins at home. Later, I found the receipt and couldn’t believe how much she had been charged. Besides that, the local store had the same products, and they were 20 times cheaper. In the end, none of these products helped my mother. Her wrinkles just kept getting deeper, her skin got flakier and more pigmented, while the handfuls of vitamins she had been taking lead to her developing stomach uclers, liver problems and more… She wanted to do something about it, but the tablets both failed to work and poisoned her body.

It was hard to watch how she suffered, closed up and locked herself in from everyone.

It caused me to do some research on the problem, and try to help her return her beauty and youth as well as her health and joy for life itself. I wanted her to be a beautiful grandmother for her grandchildren just as she was a beautiful mother for me. I thought, “well heck, I’m a scientist! I ought to do the research and personally test out different supplements that actually work to combat various diseases. Why can’t I figure out a way to create an effective beauty and youth product?” This is exactly what I started trying to do.

Through trial and error, I determined that the main problem with skin, hair and nail products is a deficiency in the body’s collagen. Over the duration of a year, I conducted research and tests, looking for a mechanism that would activate the body’s natural restoration and synthesis of structural proteins. I tried out dozens of different combinations. I’d like to point out that they were all 100% natural and safe. I was inspired by organic monastery recipes, and so I combined them with the latest achievements in molecular biology. Scientific research, faith in nature and a little luck all paid off as I came up with this unique, macromolecular formula.

I immediately started preparing all the documents to conduct mass-scale research. The effectiveness of my discovery was confirmed by the biggest research centers of Europe and the USA, and it was determined 98% effective! My macromolecular formula even proved to naturally restore the body’s collagen level and its synthesis mechanism of structural proteins during testing.

The effect exceeded all expectations

We got the first noticeable results in the very beginning of using my formula. My mom’s small wrinkles in the corners of her eyes were gone while deep creases on the forehead, chin and cheeks became less pronounced. Her skin got more velvet and her jawline became more defined. Hair loss stopped, her hair became denser and thicker, she also had small new hairs. Her nails stopped peeling and breaking at their very roots. She really looked younger, relatives and friends thought she got surgery. But the most pleasant thing is that she didn’t look like my mom and the grandmother of my kids, she looked like my sister of the same age. People who didn’t knew us were very surprised to find out how old she really is. At that moment, I saw her happy and sincere smile and realized I did everything right.

“Did I really look that bad?” – my mom asked irritably when she home after meeting her school friends. Yes, that’s the only way she looks at her peers now. Within just 3 weeks after she started taking CollagenI, my mom was glad to confess: «My dear, I feel young and beautiful again. You invented an antidote to ageing! Just think about how many people you can help. It’s a true miracle.” Indeed, my mom easily blended into the circle of my friends and looked just like she was our peer. The guests looked truly shocked when their heard how old she really was.

My mom managed to reverse time and regain youth – now we look as a brother and a sister.

In the past, having worse skin, hair and nails as you age was inevitable and irreversible. However, today, with the help of my macromolecular formula, you can not only slow down this process, but also reverse it.

Let me explain how my super-effective anti-ageing formula works. It’s quite complicated, but I’ll try to provide a simple explanation understandable for someone who has nothing to do with science and medicine.

Immediate compensation for the lack of collagen and restoration of structural protein synthesis 24/7

Collagen is one of the most important structural proteins responsible for elasticity, resilience and density of the skin, hair and nails. As you age, its level reduces, the cells stop synthetizing the protein itself because of disrupted mechanisms and lack of important structural elements. Hair, nails and skin show first visible signs of lack of collagen. Later, it affects bones and cartilages, having more serious consequences for health. To activate regeneration process, the body needs help from the outside.

That’s why my goal was to create an effective formula that can help the body to restore structural protein levels and slow down ageing. I succeeded. I developed a macromolecular formula for intense regeneration. Its name is CollagenIQ.

The unique formula contains hydrolyzed collagen. After getting into the body, it breaks into peptides that immediately get involved into the process of synthesis of structural proteins and restoration of protein framework. Thanks to Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in the formula, regeneration process gets 300% faster. It’s enough to use this formula regularly to ensure 24/7 regeneration. Just take CollagenIQ daily to see your skin, hair and nails getting healthy and beautiful. All nasty symptoms will be gone forever in 28 days. No side effects!

Why do they call my macromolecular formula “miraculous antidote to ageing”?

More than 98% effective for restoration of collagen and elastin levels.

Damaged protein framework of the skin and thin protein strands cause wrinkles, creases and skin irregularities.

Restored protein framework reduces noticeable wrinkles and creases, evens out complexion.

Until recently, it looked like a miracle. However, this is the fact proved by my mother’s case and the cases of 14 000 more people who managed to slow down the process of ageing and regain youth thanks to my method. In addition, the effectiveness of my macromolecular formula was proved by a British research center in London. This is a global scale discovery, recognized and admired by the best cosmetology and dermatology experts. I still get emotional letters from people who thank me for “healing” them; this is the main reason why I’m happy and proud of this discovery.

It’s 100% safe & easy-to-use – what is CollagenIQ, how to use, buy

Natural ingredients work miracles: the science only needs to find the right combination! This was my motto when I created my macromolecular formula for compensation for the lack of collagen. The solution’s formula includes only natural, safe and super effective substances that come in easy-to-use capsules so that anyone can easily complete a course at home. You only need to take 1 capsule twice a day to slow down ageing, make your hair, nails and skin healthy, beautiful and resilient again and to stop worrying because of your look and real age.

All your friend and relatives will be shocked by the way you look in just a couple of weeks. When they see you looking 10-15 years younger, they won’t believe that it took you just 28 days to begin to look like that and that you did it without a cosmetologist and a lancet.

  • Boosts skin elasticity.
  • Reduces wrinkles, tightens jawline.
  • Prevents hair loss, stimulates hair growth.
  • Reduces nail breaking, evens out nail bed.
  • 100% natural formula without synthetical components.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars.

How could you miss this chance to reverse time and regain youth and beauty?

You can continue suffering from unpleasant symptoms, stop looking in the mirror to avoid seeing ugly wrinkles and saggy skin, suffer from hair loss and broken nails… And you can also try to alleviate these symptoms with the help of tons of vitamins and minerals sold in the drugstores and having loads of side effects. You can try useless cosmetics that costs you a fortune or get plastic surgery and get the results very different from the ones you expected to get… But why would you need that all if I guarantee that you can get a quick, easy and affordable method to restore your beauty and youth at home? You’ll only need 28 days to join 14 000 satisfied users of CollagenIQ, who have already forgot about skin, hair and nail problems.

You bear no risks!

Using CollagenIQ, you’ll get the main noticeable effect as soon as within 28 days without bearing any risks or ruining your health! My macromolecular formula got a prestigious triple guarantee as a globally significant achievement for its originality, effectiveness and high quality.

Triple satisfaction guarantee

  • Guarantee of originality: used in macro-molecular treatment, CollagenIQ, a formula based on the most powerful substances that regenerate the joints and back. Its effectiveness was confirmed by laboratory tests. It’s the only such innovative formula. Therefore, you are sure that you will receive the original product, available only through this website.
  • Guarantee of quality: due to the advanced production process of the macro-molecular formula, it meets the highest quality standards. Taking into account your health and well-being, the concentration of active substances has been selected in such a way that the treatment is completely safe. All this so that its effects meet 100% of your expectations.
  • Guaranteed efficiency: numerous laboratory and practical tests confirm that CollagenIQ is very effective. Based on these results, the capsules deserved recognition from experts from all over the world who recommend them to their patients. They are sure that you will get rid of skin, hair and nail problems, as well as become much younger, healthier and more beautiful in 28 days.

Forget about skin, hair and nail problems. Our solution will restore them completely and improve them in just 28 days – easily, safely and at an affordable price.

The big pharmaceutical companies in the US and Japan are literally fighting over the patent for my macro-molecular formula. When I sell it, the treatment will be available worldwide, but surely at an exorbitant price.

Before it happens, I decided to make it affordable in Great Britain by joining the discount club that offers 50% financing. I do it to help as many people here as possible to forget about skin, hair and nail problems forever, improve their health and look younger than they are.

So I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity! Placing an order in the discount club is easy. You don’t need to send money or pay by card to obtain it. All you need to do is: fill in the form in 2 minutes and after a few days you will receive the shipment, for which you will just pay the courier or postman.

Thank you for your time. I hope you will always stay beautiful, healthy and young regardless of your age. Just live your live and enjoy every its moment. Forget of growing old – CollagenIQ will help you stay young and full of energy as long as possible.

Prof. Luis Recio

Grab CollagenIQ by participating in the discount club 13990 ₦ cheaper.

13990 ₦

27980 ₦

Order it today and save 13990 ₦. The promotion ends when 200 orders are made.

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