Gluten Free chicken with Cherry Tomatoes & Garlic!

Must Try

Hi Busy Folks! Want easy-peasy dinner ? Check out this Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes & Garlic! And Gluten Free, of course.

It’s a quick set-up, one pan, stick in the oven & move on recipe! Set your timer to 45 minutes for a thick, bone-in breast, or a cut-up chicken, baked at 365.  I like to check for doneness with a digital thermometer going for 165 degrees.

Wash & pat dry the chicken. Set aside. Taking your pan or oven-proof skillet, put in the oil, spices, Garlic & Tomatoes. Toss around in the oil to coat and spread about those herbs.

Bake at 365 degrees uncovered. Set timer for 45 minutes and test for internal temp ( keep thermometer away from a bone) to 165 for doneness.

Spread those tomatoes and some garlic about the meat when serving, as in photo. Done! Easy-peasy!!

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