Gluten Free Grilled Pork & Veggies

Must Try

Bringing back a big favorite! Grilled Pork & Veggies!  These call for Pork Tenderloin, not something that will break the bank…so go for it!

Fathers’ Day or any time you’d love to grill. They’re soo good! Hope you’ll try this! Fire up the Grill!!

Gluten Free Marinated & Grilled Pork & Veggies

If you’re able to grill outdoors, do it! I love not having a greasy stove-top to clean, don’t you? I’ve even tried placing foil all around the stove surface, but somehow, those greasy little spots make their way underneath. Is there no justice?

Anyway, this recipe calls for marinating the pork tenderloin, so hopefully, you are reading this with time to do that, and not rushing to get a meal on the table.  It’s not overnight or all day, it’s a couple of hours, does that help?

Mix the ingredients for the Marinade. Place them in a zip-lock bag, add the Pork meat, squeeze out some air, seal tightly, place on a plate & stick in the fridge for a couple of hours. If you remember, turn over the bag, so both sides get a marinade-bath!

About 20 minutes before grill time, I cut up the veggies and tossed them in the same ingredients, (NOT ANYTHING THAT TOUCHED RAW MEAT, I made extra marinade)  and then when the meat was ready to go on the grill, I threaded all of the items, alternating, on a skewer.

I used metal skewers, only because the wooden ones can break when really hot. And a note: the metal ones, conduct heat inside the meat, so it tends to cook a little bit faster.

Ingredients for Meat Marinade:  Make this twice: once for meat, once for marinating veggies, if doing that.

Serves 4:

2 Pork Tenderloins. Try to remove any “silver-skin” that’s thick on the long sides of the meat. Using a sharp knife, just make a thin cut under the tip of it, and then pulling up, slice it off, as you lift.  Don’t go deep, you don’t want to lose meat.

  • 1 tbl Minced Garlic Clove
  • 1 teas. Kosher Salt
  • 1 teas. Black Pepper. Freshly ground is best
  • 1 ½ teas. Rosemary. Chop fresh rosemary, but not stems.
  • 2 tbl Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I like “Light” blend.
  • Veggies of choice.

I used:

  • 2 medium size Zucchinis, wash, slice into 3/4 in. thick circles.
  • 2 Small Yukon Gold Potatoes, cut in quarters, length-wise
  • 2 Small Red Bliss Potatoes, cut in half or about 1 1/2in. pieces
  • 1 Bell Pepper. Any color: I used an Orange colored one. Slices about 1 to 2 inch
  • Pineapple Slices. Buy a fresh one, cut into cubes, about 1 ½ in. big, so they don’t break when grilling.


Mix the Marinade for the meat. Place in Zip-lock bag, add the meat WHOLE, squeeze out air, place on plate & refrigerate for couple of hrs.

About 1 hour before grilling, cut the Veggies, and, except for the Pineapple, put Veggies in a large pot of boiling water, that was salted with a dash of salt. Just boil for a few minutes, not long. Poke a Potato piece with a sharp knife. If it goes in without any pressure, it’s time to remove from heat. Drain and set aside to cool for ½ hr.

We did this to reduce time grilling them. It pays off, don’t worry.

Just before grilling, make Marinade for Veggies.

Add that & Veggies & Pineapple cubes  in a bowl , soak for about 10 minutes, having turned all to cover everything with the liquid.

When ready to grill, alternate meat, veggies, & fruit on skewers.

Grill, turning often till done. If there are loads of Veggies & Fruit after you’ve prepared the skewers, you can always put them on the grill in an oven-proof pan to cook. Done! Serve with Veggie assortment on the side.

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