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The basis of female beauty is well-groomed skin. But, if you can hide the signs of aging on the body with clothes, then the age is determined without problems by the wrinkles on the face. Serum Inno Gialuron from wrinkles will restore the oval of the face and saturate the skin with nutrients.

There are a lot of real comments on the effect of Inno Gialuron serum on forums where buyers discuss cosmetics for rejuvenation. People’s opinions about the newest drug are divided. Most admire the action of the product, others argue that the remedy does not help and this is a common buyer’s scam. In this article, we will study the properties of serum, and turn to the opinion of cosmetologists.

In this article, you will be able to read about Inno Gialuron, how it works, its advantages over analogues in Nigeria, how to use, where to buy the product and what is its price. Also read reviews, comments and opinions about Inno Gialuron on official website.

What is Inno Gialuron

Original Inno Gialuron is a cosmetic product with a natural composition, the action of which is aimed at eliminating signs of age on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Helps maintain youthfulness and freshness of the dermis. The serum has passed the necessary checks and tests. The product is certified.

Inno Gialuron is an effective anti-wrinkle serum. The cosmetic has a beneficial effect on the skin: it has a pronounced tightening effect, smoothes mimic and age wrinkles, makes the face oval clearer, strengthens the frame. At the same time, the active ingredients nourish and moisturize the skin cells, increase its density and elasticity, and refresh the complexion.

Indications for use

Inno Gialuron is designed for mature female facial skin, which shows signs of age-related changes:

  • Folds in the nasolabial region
  • Sagging skin
  • Dryness
  • Peeling
  • Sagging skin in the cheeks, chin and neck
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Puffiness

The principle of the drug

Inno Gialuron is a revolutionary peptide cocktail enriched with hyaluronic acid and elastin, as well as plant extracts, which stands guard over the youthfulness of the face. He copes with various imperfections gently and carefully:

  • Eliminates wrinkles. Usually, the first creases appear at the age of 25–35 years and more often indicate too active facial expressions. But with age, no woman manages to avoid such defects. The anti-aging novelty structures the subcutaneous tissue, makes the connective fibers stronger and more elastic, fills the voids between the cells, thereby pushing wrinkles out and protecting them from their reappearance
  • Removes dryness and peeling. Moisture loss begins after 25 years. With age, this is manifested by flabbiness, peeling, irritation, and increased sensitivity of the epidermis. The innovative tool retains water molecules inside, prevents dehydration and compensates for the deficiency of hyaluronic acid, the main moisture-retaining component
  • Lightens age spots. They can be not only a factor in aging, but also appear with excessive tanning or visiting a solarium. The composition contains soft whitening ingredients that even out the tone and give the face freshness
  • Tightens and smoothes. The peptides included in the formula relax the muscle layer of the face, eliminate spasms and clamps, so that even deep wrinkles become less visible. Filler injections have the same effect, but unlike them, the serum does not create a frozen facial expression and leaves it alive and mobile
  • Inhibits wilting processes. The novelty forms a powerful antioxidant defense, which allows you to cope with the negative effects of free radicals, so that physiological aging slows down

Serum Inno Gialuron improves the appearance of the skin in the first 1-3 applications. It makes it pleasant to the touch, velvety, evens out the shade, outlines the oval.

Whey Benefits

Innovative serum allows you to quickly restore the elastic frame of any face and fill with moisture the defects of its relief. The tool eliminates the problematic contraction of the muscles of facial expressions, without affecting its quality and expressiveness. Inno Gialuron gives a complex effect of rejuvenation:

  • Easily removes fine wrinkles
  • Smoothes out deep mimic folds
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Gives the face a healthy color and radiance
  • Protects it from fluid loss and the harmful effects of external factors
  • Restores elasticity at the level of the collagen and elastin network
  • Lightens age spots

What did clinical tests show?

Clinical experiments with Inno Gialuron, collected 2500 volunteers. Serum tests continued for 2.5 months, and gave the following result:

  • In the first 2 weeks of therapy, 77% of the subjects lost wrinkles under the eyes, smoothed out the forehead, and the frown disappeared
  • In 87%, after a month, the contour of the face became better: the tissues were noticeably tightened and smoothed out
  • In 93% of the subjects, the tone of the epidermis increased

At the end of the experiments, the volunteers photographed their faces and compared them with the photos taken before the therapy. The result impressed not only the test participants, but also specialists. The subjects began to look 10 years younger. Inno Gialuron has no side effects.


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