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Valgus deformity of the big toe is a fairly common phenomenon today. If your big toe bumps hurt and you don’t know how to remove the bone on your leg, then Magnet Fix orthopedic fixators for the foot will be of interest to you.

In this article, you can read about what Magnet Fix is, how the method works, what are its advantages over pharmacy drugs that do not work, how to use Magnet Fix according to the instructions for use, where to buy online Magnet Fix in Kuwait and what is its price. Also read reviews, comments and opinions about Magnet Fix on the forums or official website.

What is Magnet Fix

The thumb corrector is used to return the big toes to their normal position. The fixator on the bone of the thumb Magnet Fix stops the development of deformation of the joints of the big toe, normalizes the tone of the ligaments and muscles of the foot, and also increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

The Magnet Fix corrective foot brace is designed to fix the toe in the correct position. Thumb fixator-corrector has a durable frame made of high-quality plastic. The big toe splint fits comfortably and securely holds the big toe in the correct position. Soft inner linings make the Magnet Fix Big Toe Brace more comfortable to wear. The tension of the latch is gradually increased until the deformity of the finger is completely corrected. The Magnet Fix thumb corrector is a plastic frame with polyurethane foam pads and fasteners.

The bandage-corrector of the big toe is put on at bedtime and removed before getting out of bed, working every night as an extensor of the big toe.

An orthopedic splint for the big toe can return you a feeling of comfort and convenience.

What is Magnet Fix for?

Bumps on the big toes are a common problem for many girls and women, regardless of age. With an increased load on the composition, severe pain appears that interferes with a normal life. The Magnet Fix is designed just to reduce the load on the leg and eliminate pain.

Magnet Fix is a night brace for correcting the deformity of the big toe. It is used to correct the curvature of the bone, with constant night wear it gives the first results in two weeks. Made of durable hypoallergenic plastic, porous soft material, leather and nylon.

The Magnet Fix is intended for the correction and prevention of a protruding bump on the leg, which many women consider to be a common unpleasant defect. Yes, yes, it is women, because according to statistics, the fair sex most often faces this unpleasant problem due to the peculiarities of their muscular-ligamentous apparatus – it is much more elastic than that of men. So the love for high heels and stilettos is worth a lot, because the foot, subjected to constant stress, begins to deform over time.

Correctors are designed for:

  • Separation of fingers with valgus deformity of the bones and deviation of the thumb. This problem can arise from wearing tight shoes and shoes with heels
  • Also used for calluses and corns on the thumb
  • Arthrosis, arthritis and bursitis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint
  • Initial degree of hallux valgus
  • In the postoperative period
  • Correctors protect the thumb joint from pressure, friction and chafing
  • Also allow painless wearing of shoes when deviating the big toe. Prevent the appearance of bones on the joint and their inflammation

In addition, the correctors effectively correct the deformity of the first and second toe.

How to use Magnet Fix

Wrong position of the little finger? Interdigital calluses? Corns, calluses, blisters on the little finger? To solve these issues, the Magnet Fix orthopedic silicone interdigital separator is suitable for you. The interdigital partition gently spreads and fixes the little finger in a natural position, contributing to the correct position of the foot and reducing leg fatigue.

The original Magnet Fix interdigital corrector is made of hypoallergenic high-quality material, which can be seen from the pure white color of the material. The soft and elastic bandage of the bursoprotector of the fingers adapts to the natural curves, providing comfortable use. And the protective overlay of the anatomical separator protects the little finger from the formation of cracks, calluses, corns.

  • The size is universal, without division into left and right
  • Finger wash the retainer separator in cool soapy water
  • Dry naturally away from sources of heat
  • Direct sunlight

Make your feet happy!

How does Magnet Fix work?

Are you worried about painful bumps on your legs, inflammation of the bones of your fingers and corns? Fortunately, there is a way to stop the hallux valgus process. The solution is Magnet Fix. The Foot Correction Brace relieves pain caused by twisted toes, fractures, hammer toes.

Corrector for toes:

  • Straightens deformed fingers
  • Reduces stress on metatarsal heads
  • Reduces the risk of chafing

The silicone toe corrector should be washed daily in soapy water. Dry outdoors away from heaters.


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