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Moleculica what is, effect – a comprehensive approach to face care has eliminated wrinkles, pigmentation and dull complexion

Hail to the beautiful, young and radiant skin without a ton of makeup!

A little about myself: I’m 37 years old. Recently, I’ve started having age-related skin problems. I went to the cosmetologist 2 months ago, and the verdict was made: my skin is combined, my chin and nose are becoming greasy and shiny quickly, my cheeks and cheekbones are dry and flaky. There are wrinkles under my eyes, defined nasolabial folds, vertical wrinkles between my eyebrows and on the forehead, sagging facial contours.

Cosmetologist’s recommendations: a comprehensive approach to the face, neck and décolleté area care, including hydration+nourishment+anti-aging effect+hypoallergenic products. The line of the Moleculica skin care cosmetics has met the listed requirements — day and night creams and a mask.

Where to buy: I ordered on the official website of the manufacturer, without intermediaries, and even at a discount. The package arrived quickly.

Unpacking: the package contained 3 products — a mask, a day cream and a night cream.

Everything was packed in plastic tubes with a volume of 1.6 fl. oz, each tube is packed in a cardboard box. Laconic design, looks very respectable, very different from the mass market cosmetics. It is more like special luxury products that cost as much as half of my salary (by the way, above average).


All Moleculica products have a very similar composition. The main feature of the line is a peptide complex that penetrates the skin, recognizes and eliminates age-related changes, prolongs youth and health. And I saw it myself (spoiler alert). Creams and a mask perfectly complement each other.

Day cream:

  • Peptide complex
  • Shea Butter
  • Retinol
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen

Night cream:

  • Grape seed oil
  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Coconut oil
  • Peach oil
  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin complex

  • Yuzu fruits
  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Peach oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin complex
  • Cocoa oil


I applied the cream and the mask to the back of my palm by turns to check the texture, fragrance, absorbency and allergic reactions. Creams have a light texture, absorbed quickly, didn’t leave a greasy shine and stickiness. I left the mask for 10 minutes on another area of my skin. The skin where I had applied it was smoothed, the natural pattern disappeared. I was satisfied with the sensations.

Experience of use:

I’ve been using the Moleculica line for 5 weeks. I apply the products to my face, neck and décolleté area. And here are the results:

Day cream

I used it in the morning as a makeup base. Before that, I had to use blotting tissues and reapply my makeup during the day. Now, my face looks fresh and rested till the evening. My facial contours were noticeably tightened, and the skin became moisturized and more resilient.

Night cream

I applied it after removing makeup, just before bedtime. Other similar creams were greasy, I wanted to wash my face again after using them, and in the morning there were nasty spots on my pillow and a creamy aroma. There was nothing like this with Moleculica. In the morning, there were no dark spots and bags under my eyes, wrinkles became less defined, ugly red spots disappeared. And in combination with a day cream, the effect was even more amazing.


I used the mask 1-2 times a week. I applied to clean face and left for 10-15 minutes while relaxing in the bath. Washed off with warm water. The result is soft, velvety to the touch skin, as in my best years!


I can go on about how soft and beautiful my skin has become, how wrinkles, age spots and other things have gone. But I know for sure that the majority of people will believe the photos. Just compare:

This is how I looked 1.5 months ago when these photos were taken. Only makeup was saving me. Not even saving, just masking. But now…

1.5 months ago


I think I don’t have to say anything, you can see it yourself. I stopped using powder, foundation, concealers, etc. I pushed other creams and care products into the drawer and forgot about them. Why spend money on useless creams and masks that don’t work if there is Moleculica?

Once again, do not try to save money. Yes, you can find the Moleculica complex for less money, but believe me, these are fakes. And why risk it if the manufacturer sells products on their own website at a favourable price. Follow the link and see for yourself. I wish everyone to stay young and beautiful at any age, because each of us deserves it!


modern and convenient packaging. The cream has a light aroma and is quickly absorbed. Light texture. It mattifies the skin well. Economical in use. Removes fine lines and reduces deep wrinkles. Eliminates skin pigmentation, tightens the skin.


You have to use it as a complex (although it’s not really a disadvantage)

General impressions:

Why spend money on useless creams and masks that don’t work if there is Moleculica?

Last reviews

Magical transformation of my skin: elimination of all defects and awesome mattifying effect. Lots of BEFORE and AFTER photos. The Moleculica complex has literally saved my skin.


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Turning back the clock and regaining youth at 50 without surgery is real. What cream was the salvation of my fading skin and helped me look the same age as my daughter.

Turning back the clock and regaining youth at 50 without surgery is real. What cream was the salvation of my fading skin and helped me look the same age as my daughter.



Monica Smith

Wow, such an interesting complex. I’ve been looking at it for a long time, but the price is too high.

Ann Hudson

I’ve never heard of it, but judging by the before and after photos, I should definitely take it!

Erika Barber

Carol, you look great, just an amazing effect! You really are a few years younger, and your skin is glowing. I wonder if it is suitable for all skin types or each type has its own line?

Carol Sparks, the review author:

As the cosmetologist explained, this is a universal product, which adapts to any skin type due to the peptide complex.

Erika Barber

Then I’m definitely ordering it, for myself and my mother, even though she looks very, very young at 56. But she will be even younger and more beautiful!

Jean Gregory

Oh, girls, this is all rubbish, just to get money. I use baby creams that I buy for my daughter, and everything is fine. Why pay more?

Olivia Sanders

How old are you, 25? You don’t need this cosmetics at 25. We’ll talk when you’re 40.

Abigail Hampton

I’ve been using this line for a few days, but I’ve already fallen in love with it. I simply can’t imagine my life without it. The cream is applied to the skin perfectly. And the effect of a mask feels like a deep peeling. Just look at the effect.

Amber Brooks:

Girls, I just ordered 2 sets of Moleculica, I was lucky — I had a discount. I hope that will help to remove wrinkles that appeared at 23 (!!!).

Sabrina Paul

My friend gave me Moleculica. I’m just shocked by its action. The bags under my eyes are gone, my skin is soft and radiant as if from the inside. All my creams went to the trash, now I won’t replace Moleculica with anything.

Laura Fisher


Congratulate me, I’ve just received my parcel. I’m waiting for the evening to start using it. I wonder how this line will affect my skin.

Miranda Skinner

As for a person with allergies, this cream suited me great. It removed all my red spots from another product, my skin became more hydrated and soft, there were small wrinkles near my eyes, you won’t believe it — they disappeared. I’m shocked with these products, and now I definitely recommend them to my friends.

Meredith Mitchell

Thank you for always writing such detailed reviews, always with a bunch of photos and a detailed description of the effect!!!

Emily Ford

I agree with everything said, Moleculica is really an awesome line with excellent natural composition. Believe my experience with anti-aging cosmetics (which is more than 20 years).

Rachel Fowler

There was a cream with peptides, very good one, but it was discontinued. And here is a whole peptide complex, I ordered because I’m sure it works.

A hotel maid revealed the secret of “eternal youth” of Gǒng Lì, an actress

Gǒng Lì who starred in “Mulan” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” always says that she keeps away from botox and fillers. But, thanks to special organic care products, she looks younger than many 30-year-old women, even though she is 55. A maid who works at a hotel where Gǒng Lì stayed found an empty tube of cream the actress uses to stay young.

Gǒng Lì, 51

Natasha, 38

Usually, I don’t go through the guests’ rubbish, but when I was cleaning the room after the actress left, there was only this product in the rubbish bin. It was so intriguing that my curiosity got the better of me.

When I looked at the packaging, I realized that there was still cream on the walls and I decided to try it, because my skin was very flaky that day, and my cheap cream could not moisturize it.

I applied Moleculica and realized that my face felt as if it was saturated with water and oxygen. The flaking was gone in an hour. I had enough leftovers for a week, as its consumption was very small. And during this time, my skin changed. At work, everyone noticed that I looked much fresher. My skin was glowing like a Hollywood star’s.

I could no longer use my usual cream and I decided to look online for how much Moleculica cost. At first, I was afraid to see a number equal to my annual salary. But it turned out that if I order Moleculica from the manufacturer, I can afford it.

I bought this cream, but I haven’t run out of half of the tube within a month. A little goes a long way, so this cream turns out to be even cheaper them the cream I’m used to, but, at the same time, Moleculica’s effect is many times better. My skin became tighter, facial contours tightened as well, wrinkles smoothed out and there’re fewer age spots now. My skin is glowing now! It seems to me now I know why Gǒng Lì doesn’t get older even though she is over 50.



You don’t have to spend a lot of money for self-care to look like a celebrity! The result of using the cream for a month:



Perfect anti-age: from dream to reality

Do not rush getting Botox injections and using laser rejuvenation. The science has gone so far that you can improve the structure of your skin and get rid of wrinkles right at home.

You follow the celebrities’ example and take care of your skin at home, and voila – you look like a celebrity, too!

I recommend Moleculica to my clients. It contains everything you need for beautiful and youthful skin: collagen, retinol, hyaluronic acid and caring oils. The cream features a unique peptide complex that fills microcracks in the skin as if pushing out wrinkles from the inside. And the low-molecular formula of Moleculica (protected by three patents) with a small molecular size allows the components to enhance each other’s action and penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis. Unlike other cosmetics, which remain on the skin surface and form a film, the active ingredients of Moleculica are absorbed into the skin by 98.9%. This gives incredible results.

Moleculica has a melting texture, it is quickly absorbed and begins to act instantly. Its active ingredients noticeably tighten your skin, tone it up and strengthen the tissues. Besides, Moleculica gently lightens your skin, removing pigmentation. And the best part – no wrinkles, tightness and dryness.

Laboratory tests have shown incredible results of skin rejuvenation:

Mmediately after application your skin is saturated with moisture and gets glowing, skin resilience increases

In 1 week your skin becomes more resilient, like after lifting, pores are narrowed and inflammation is gone

In 2 weeks face contours become more evident, puffiness and bags under your eyes are gone

In 3 weeks facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds and “crow’s feet” become smaller

In 4 weeks pigment spots become lighter and the overall condition of your skin is noticeably improved

Today, this is the only cosmetic product that is an analogue of plastic surgery. Moleculica allows you to restore and improve your face condition without surgery or expensive procedures.

Do you want to look younger? Now this is possible. Our editorial team gives everyone the opportunity to buy Moleculica at a 50% discount right from the manufacturer.

Fill out the order form below to get a 50% coupon:

Moleculica official website, where to buy, original, buy online – order at a 50% discount

98 $

49 $

Moleculica opinion, forum, review

Emily Benson

Awful! Going through the rubbish to dig up some dirt!

Mary Sutton

I use this product. And I look 40 in my 50s. I ordered it online six months ago and I’ve just used it up. The effect is amazing. My skin is not just soft, it is smoothed, wrinkles are less noticeable and pores are reduced. I really like this cream.


What makes you think the maid was looking for dirt? She just saw the cream and decided to try it, and she told us about it. That’s it.

Sophie Hodges

I used Moleculica for a month and the effect is better than from laser rejuvenation. Bags and puffiness are gone, wrinkles are not so deep. My face shape also became more defined and the pigmentation lightened. And this is only within a month! Just wow… I will continue using this product.

Amber Thomas

I don’t think she rummaged through the actress’s things, she could get fired because of that. If she wanted fame, she would sell this information to the journalists. But she would be fired because of a scandal anyway. There’s nothing scary about what happened. Gǒng Lì doesn’t hide the fact that she uses rejuvenating creams, and there’s nothing to hide – all women take care of themselves, especially the celebrities.

Alice Gardner

Does anyone know at what age you can start using it?

It is not written on the packaging, there are no strict restrictions because it has no silicones that are harmful to young skin. It’s a natural product.


I ordered it too. If I don’t put on makeup in the morning, I can easily scare people. I don’t go anywhere without makeup after 25. The wrinkles around my lips are already visible.

Vanessa Morton

That’s a good cream. It’s not sticky, does not roll, it can be applied under makeup. Your complexion becomes even in just a week.

Britney Grant

The Moleculica cream is perfect for me. I always choose only eco-cosmetics, but it does not give such an effect as this cream. For a couple of weeks of using it my skin became resilient, my complexion improved, and wrinkles almost disappeared. Take a look.


Great effect, I will definitely buy Moleculica for myself and my mom.


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