My experience with an Over-The Counter Medication!

Must Try

Recently I was feeling “under-the-weather” with an upper respiratory infection. Who isn’t these days, it’s winter in the northeast!!   Along with the other suggestions my physician made and prescriptions he wrote, I purchased Tylenol Sinus.   I trusted the fact that the list of ingredients didn’t include any gluten derivatives or signs of it, so I took ONE caplet.

As you’ve guessed by the title above, things went downhill very fast!!  I was so ill, that between the head and chest discomfort and the stomach distress, I wanted to scream.

I couldn’t figure out why I was sick, until it dawned on me that perhaps the Tylenol Sinus pill was to blame. I called the number on the box and was told that they cannot guarantee that it’s not gluten free. Today I did some digging on the internet.  And discovered that in August of ’17, McNeil ( manufacturer ) issued the following statement:

“Although we don’t add gluten or gluten containing grains to our products, we cannot confirm that the product or any ingredients in TYLENOL® products are gluten free. Your safety is of great concern to us; therefore, we strongly recommend that you first consult your doctor before using any product if you have a form of gluten intolerance or sensitivity.”

So, friends, I write this post to help anyone who wonders and worries about which, what, how? I’m not a medical professional, don’t claim to be advising you on which medicines to take, etc. But merely passing along my story and letting you have the advantage of learning from my experiences. If you need more information on the products they produce, please contact them as I did.

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