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Rodents and insects are not just unpleasant neighbors in your home, but also a potential health hazard for all members of your family, as they are carriers of serious diseases.

The Pest Reject repeller is a new word in the production of devices designed to fight rodents and insects in your home.

In this article, you can read about what the Pest Reject is, how the product works, what are its advantages, how to use the Pest Reject according to the instructions for use, where to buy online the Pest Reject and what is the price of the original device in Kuwait. Also read reviews, comments and opinions about Pest Reject on the forums or official website.

What is Pest Reject

A safe and effective device that will save your home from rodents and insects.

  • Can be used in places where there are children
  • Does not affect pets

The main feature of this compact device is the principle of its operation. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the repellers are extremely irritating to the nervous system of rodents and insects, causing a feeling of anxiety, panic and fear. In such conditions, pests cannot live, and hastily leave their chosen dwelling.

Electronic Pest Reject: safe for everyone except rodents and insects!

Pest Reject breaks the stereotype that pest repellers are the opposite of safe. Thanks to the innovative principle of operation, you do not risk anything: neither your own health, nor the health of your children, nor comfort. Even beloved pets will feel great. All you need is to purchase a Pest Reject and plug it into any outlet in your home. After that, you can forget about the annoying neighborhood with cockroaches and rats.

  • Pest Reject dimensions allow it to easily fit behind furniture, sofas, refrigerators, in a word, in those places where there is very little space
  • Taking into account the fact that the device must work constantly, the manufacturer took care of its resource consumption, reducing the power consumption to 4.5 W
  • Under the influence of Pest Reject fall: flies, mice, rats, beetles, mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders
  • Pest Reject covers an area of 200 square meters, which allows you to protect a large apartment, or a medium-sized house
  • Pest Reject will save your room from cockroaches, spiders, beetles, ants, rodents
  • The device is non-toxic and has no harmful radiation. Can be used in a room where there are children
  • It will not harm your dogs and cats

How does the device work?

Pest Reject emits electromagnetic pulses that are transmitted through the electrical wires in your home. These impulses affect the nervous system of rats, mice, spiders, beetles and other similar insects. Such exposure creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for these pests, expelling them forever!

You do not have to spend money on batteries, because. the appliance is powered by electricity. In addition, it does not require special care and the purchase of any replacement accessories.

Very simple – all you need is to connect the Pest Reject to the network, and that’s it. It immediately starts emitting electromagnetic pulses through the walls of your house, making all those insects and rodents run away without looking back!

  • Without chemicals; environmentally friendly; does not require care
  • Easy to use
  • Covers an area up to 200 m2
  • Continuous action! Does not require recharging; operates all year round
  • Ultrasound effectively affects flies and mosquitoes
  • Electromagnetism effectively affects: cockroaches, spiders, beetles, ants, rodents
  • Has practical night lights

Thanks to Pest Reject, insects fly away on their own, unlike products that kill insects, and you do not have to pick up and clean everything after them.


The use of audible sound to expel pests is an old technique; The ancient Chinese used a number of mechanically operated sensor-repellent devices to prevent rodent infestation of various indoor and agricultural crops. But ultrasound, which is defined by sound frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing, has only come into use as rodent and insect control in recent decades.

The Pest Reject is an electronic pest control device that uses a microprocessor to create a force field in your home by sending electronic pulses through the wiring. The device randomly generates digital patterns to help prevent pests from settling, nesting or feeding within the walls of your home.

This patented technology protects your home from unwanted pests without the use of traps, sprays or granules containing hazardous chemicals that can harm you and your pets.

Pest Reject focuses on the following features of the device:

  • A modern device that transmits not only ultrasonic, but also network deterrent impulses (through electrical wiring in the building), which reliably protect the perimeter from insects and rodents
  • Intermittent switching on and off makes it impossible for pests to become addictive
  • The device is completely safe for the environment, for humans and animals, does not create noise during operation
  • Equipped with a lamp with a soft warm glow

Thanks to this device, you can forever abandon mousetraps, Velcro, which only spoil the interior of the room, and at the same time effectively protect the house from pests.


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