Gluten Free Poached Pears with Strawberries

Must Try

Talk about fast & easy! It was a “no-brainer”, creating a dessert that would be healthy and satisfying for that sweet tooth I’ve so often raved ( or complained) about. All you need is a Bartlett Pear per person, a pint of strawberries and some honey! That’s it! A little bit of time, and Voila! A great dessert, especially in summer-time when these are so ripe & plentiful…but then all year long, who doesn’t love a dessert that didn’t require lots of mixing, measuring, and heating of the oven!


1 Bartlett Pear per person, Sliced in half, longwise, pits removed carefully leaving halves intact. 1 pint Ripe Strawbrries. Washed, stems removed, sliced in half. Some Water. Will explain in a minute. Up to 1/4 cup Honey, depending on number of pears. I like Local, Wildflower Honey. ( For only 2 pears, you’ll use about 2 tbls Honey.)


After cleaning and coring the pears, place in a shallow frypan, cut-side down. Place the strawberries all around at the same time.

Add the water to cover the pears about ¼ in in depth. Add the Honey, drizzling it all around in the water, around the fruits. Don’t drizzle on top of the fruits, but in the water. We’re making a syrup. Place heat on low-and bring to a simmer, covered. The simmering will take only about 10 minutes, but watch this to be careful the water doesn’t evaporate & stick. If you think you want more syrup, add more water & honey. It’s a judgement call! The more pears you cook, the more liquid you’ll need, of course. Continue to simmer, low, until the pears change color a bit and are very soft when pierced with a sharp knife.

Remove pan from heat and set aside for a few minutes to cool before lifting. When ready, use a large flat spatula to gently lift out the Pears and plate them with the cut side up. Spread some berries all about and drizzle with any syrup that’s left in the pan. If you’re not watching your weight, how about a dollop of whipped cream or crème fraiche on top?? OMG!

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