Potatoes & Eggs, An Old Italian Standard

Must Try

If you’re of Italian ancestry, you’ve heard your family members, probably the older ones, speak of a meal they had enjoyed during the Lenten season, which was simply called, “Potatoes & Eggs”! Of course, we all know it’s an Omelet, and it can certainly be prepared all year long, but it just seems that it came to the forefront more during Lent ( when Ash Wednesday, all Fridays, and often during Holy Week just before Easter Sunday meat was abstained). So, if you’re looking for some alternative for lunch or part of your dinner menu, try this typical omelet, “Potatoes & Eggs”. It makes a great sandwich too, naturally in a Gluten Free Roll!

Ingredients for two:

4 XL Eggs, beaten in a small bowl. Set aside 2 Large Potatoes. I used Yukon Golds for their creamy texture. Peel, slice into thin ovals, approx 1/8 in thick. Use a mandolin if you have one. ¼ cup Red Bell Pepper, minced. Use more if you love the taste. 1 tbl Onion, Minced. I used a Vidalia. Any variety you have is fine. ¼ cup Canola Oil Salt & Pepper to taste


If you need a larger omelet, just do the math and increase. (For 4 servings, double all) First, slice the Potatoes. Place the oil in a deep fry pan and when hot, fry the Potatoes until golden. Drain to a paper towel. Set aside. In the same hot oil, saute the Bell Pepper till soft.. Also, drain on paper towel. Take a bowl, hand beat the eggs. Add the Salt & Pepper to your liking. You can add some crushed red pepper flakes if you want some heat. Place the Potatoes & Bell Pepper into the beaten eggs and turn to coat and incorporate. Discard most of the Canola Oil, but save about 2 tbl of it in the fry pan or skillet. We don’t need too much oil for the omelet.

When hot, pour the egg/potato mixture into the pan and on medium heat, allow to cook undisturbed. A cover will help this along.

Gently, using a fork, lift a corner of the omelet as it’s cooking to see if the underneath is getting golden. If you’re comfortable doing so, place a flat plate on top of the pan, hold in place with the palm of your other hand, and flip or turn over the omelet, onto the plate. Then slide it back into the fry pan to cook the raw side, which used to be on top. Cook again until golden, as in the photo. That’s it! Serve with your favorite garnishes, or a salad. But you have a meatless meal that’s an old Italian favorite!

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