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Skin Restart does face yoga work, online, face slim yoga

Skin Restart yoga for face, facial yoga, daily facial yoga, is face yoga real

Skin Restart face exercise program, best facial yoga, online reviews

Skin Restart face yoga reviews, benefits of face yoga, face yoga

All women dream of beauty and youth, so they buy cosmetics, visit beauty salons, try to eat right and sleep enough. However, a facelift and anti-wrinkle treatment is not effective without strengthening the muscles, because wrinkles appear due to the fact that the skin becomes sluggish over the years and loses its elasticity. Miraculous creams and masks will not help much here, as they moisturize and nourish the skin, but do not strengthen the muscles of the face and neck. This is only achievable through facial yoga.

This article is about how to preserve the beauty of the face, prolong the youth of the body and help your skin remain in such a state as if the concept of age ceased to exist. Also in it, you can understand does face yoga work, what are the advantages of facial yoga over plastic surgery and conventional creams, is face yoga real and you can also read user online reviews about the Skin Restart best facial yoga.

Yoga for the face: what is it?

Facial yoga is not just a banal gymnastics for the face. Special facial movements with massage elements combined with breathing exercises work wonders. Muscle tone is maintained, metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissues are enhanced, mimic wrinkles on the forehead, in the area of ​​the eyes and lips are smoothed out.

The benefits of yoga for face also lie in the fact that the oval of the face becomes more elegant, blood circulation and tissue nutrition improve, facial muscles relax, and the skin tightens, it is no coincidence that esthetic yoga is compared in terms of effectiveness with Botox injections.

The basic principles of Face building

The work of the muscles of the face is the basis of facial yoga. All exercises are quite simple, but require care, because the result depends on their correct implementation. Basically, asanas are grimaces, while during the exercise, the muscles of the face are slightly pressed with fingers, as if counteracting their tension. Here, a double effect is obtained – on the one hand, the load on the muscles increases and the maximum result is achieved, and on the other hand, the muscles are protected from stretching. Usually the set starts with exercises for the neck and lower face, which are based on the movements of the chin – such workouts are necessary for anyone who suffers from pain in the neck and upper back.

Asanas strengthen the back and side muscles of the neck, the subscapularis and the extensor muscles of the thoracic spine. Such gymnastics is also called Taoist, because it fills the body with energy, heals and restores the body. A set of these exercises is good to perform at the end of the working day to relieve stress or during breaks in work.

In addition, the chin is tightened, the décolleté area is rejuvenated, and the neck, which usually betrays the true age of a woman, looks much younger. Then exercises for the muscles of the face and head begin, for example, exercises for the cheeks prevent them from sagging, the eyelids are tightened, the nasolabial folds are smoothed out and the muscles behind the ears are strengthened, which also form the oval of the face.

If you want to know the best facial yoga poses, Skin Restart online face exercise program will tell you everything in great detail and help you avoid risks.

Who is the Skin Restart program recommended for?

Purpose of yoga for the face:

  • Loose and very dry skin. As a result of muscle training, the face learns to adequately respond to emotions and not stretch the skin
  • Fragile capillaries. Due to the strengthening of muscle tissue, the vessels and capillaries on the face do not stretch. This helps to even out the color of the dermis
  • Sagging cheeks. Under the force of gravity and as a result of a reaction to emotions, the oval of the face is smeared, and the cheeks sag
  • Any age-related changes. This upper thin and flabby eyelid, nasolabial wrinkles and “crow’s feet”

Benefits of face yoga

Face slim yoga helps to relax, relieve muscle tension and activate blood circulation in the head, which improves hair growth and is a good prevention of headaches. Breathing exercises increase the flow of oxygen to the skin and muscles, tone and nourish the skin. But most importantly, facial yoga teaches awareness and control of feelings, since the ability to strain and relax the muscles of the face only at will, and not as a result of an outburst of emotions, helps to maintain balance in difficult situations.

The beneficial properties of daily facial yoga for the face are as follows:

  • Improves the oval of the face. As a result of training the muscles of the head, the cheeks are tightened, the second chin becomes less pronounced
  • Removes sagging eyelids. As women age, the brow line droops. This leads to sagging of the upper eyelid, which significantly complicates the application of makeup and ages
  • Helps to completely calm down and relax. This is possible thanks to a short meditation before conducting a set of exercises. When doing classes, you need to forget about all the problems and focus on yoga
  • Improves blood circulation in tissues. It slows down aging and improves complexion
  • Helps to fully control the work of the muscles. Now the cheeks rise not as a result of the answer to the joke, but because they are controlled. All muscle movements are controlled

In addition, the yogi learns to track how emotions appear, how they disappear, and gradually begins to control himself, and does not go with the flow. Even though facial yoga is practiced for skin rejuvenation, it produces the same mental results as hatha yoga.

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