Gluten Free Orange Upside-Down Cake – A Semi-Homemade Recipe

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Here’s a Semi-Homemade recipe, Orange Upside-Down Cake, gluten free of course! Ok, as we’ve already mentioned we like short-cuts, given there are just so many ( or so few) hours in the day. And who likes shelling out $10.00 for a frozen supermarket cake, or much more in a private bakery, when for little effort, you can enjoy something delicious and also different?

The regular Upside-Down Cake is typically pineapple, but here’s a twist: orange!! And since that fruit is available year-round, it’s a dessert you may enjoy 12 months out of the year.

You’ll need a G-F Yellow Cake Mix. I love King Arthur’s. Their Yellow Cake Mix tastes great, in my opinion. But then, you may live in an area where that’s not available, or have your own favorite.

You’re going to have to prepare the Orange slices first, but that’s really simple. Wash the Orange. ( A Navel orange is best) Cut off the 2 ends and then slice into rings of about 1/8 to ¼ in. Leave rind on. Then follow my directions as listed below. Let me know if you agree that it’s a keeper. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Liberally grease a round 10 inch cake pan. It’s obviously a single layer cake.


1 Navel Orange. Cut off ends, Slice as said into 1/8 to ¼ in. circles. Set aside.

Items listed on cake box. For this 1 layer cake, I used half of the mix. So, if you do this, halve the ingredients as well. (Just empty the entire box and measure how much it is, then halve it! Put the remaining mix back in the box, seal up & use next time. )

1 teas. Orange Zest 1 teas. Pure Orange Extract, to make sure it’s G-Free


After slicing the orange into it’s thin slices, place in a large fry pan and add the water & sugar. Stir around until those dissolve. Put heat on to simmer for about 8 to 10 minutes. The orange will carmelize in the liquid as it heats and dissolves.

In a non-stick layer cake pan, generously grease the bottom & sides. We want the cake to slide out smoothly in the end.

When the mix has been beaten, add to the cake pan slowly, so the slices stay in place.

Bake for the allotted time indicated on the box. When the cake springs back and passes the tooth pick test, remove and allow to cool for only about 5 minutes.

Tadah! Allow to cool and be sure to cover any left-over cake, if there is any!!! It’s so scrumptious, and mine was almost sponge-cake-like. So light and fluffy! Love that King Arthur Mix.

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