Gluten Free Risotto with Chicken & Peas

Must Try

Do you ever have some extra leftover white meat from the breast of Chicken that you’ve made? Or take some white meat from that whole Chicken you made and set it aside for this dish.

It’s an easy and oh so delicious meal: Gluten Free Risotto with Chicken and Peas.

Now, before you get all “I can’t make risotto” on me, let me tell you this is a plain rice dish. Follow the directions on the bag or box, make it with some G-F chicken broth and water, in equal amounts and some butter as well, and in 20 minutes, you have Risotto.

Cut up the chicken, make frozen peas, or peas & carrots, as I did here, and with the other few ingredients, you have a yummy dinner!

1 cup Frozen Peas or Peas and carrots. Cook as pkg instructs. Set aside when done.

Make the Risotto first. On your rice package, it may have 2 directions: one for plain Risotto and one for a flavored traditional dish. Only follow the Plain instruction. It will take 20 – 25 minutes. I use half water, half Chicken Broth. Make certain it’s gluten free, of course.

While that’s simmering on low heat, slice the onion and saute till transparent in 1 tbl Butter.  Add the broth and milk and while adding the flour, blend into a creamy substance on the heat. Keep stirring until it’s all blended together.

Add the cooked veggies, spices, and lastly the Chicken. Cook on a very low heat for only 5 minutes, as the Chicken was already fully cooked.

You can plate the Risotto first, and put the chicken dish on top or stir all of them together…up to you. This is tasty, different and satisfying! Hope you’ll try it!

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