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Spring has come, and somewhere on the horizon a hot summer loomed. That means it’s time to get in shape so you can fit back into your favorite jeans, and going to the beach has always been accompanied by a sense of pride, not embarrassment. Getting fit and exercising is much easier with the Vean weight loss app. In this article, you can find out what is Vean, how does Vean work, and what its advantages are over similar ones in the USA. Also read reviews, comments and opinions about Vean on the forums from satisfied users.

What is Vean weight loss program?

Why use expensive weight loss products when you can download the free Vean app life mode? The app takes a holistic approach to weight loss that combines day-to-day intensity workouts with nutritional management. An important place is given to the correct technique for performing exercises, examples of which can be seen in the video and animated pictures.

Here you can also calculate the calories burned and admire the graph of weight loss. In the Vean app to lose weight, you can choose what specifically you want to work on – on the whole body at once, or focus on a specific part of it, such as the stomach or legs. There are also several meal plans, it is easy to choose the most comfortable for you personally.

It’s also an coach weight loss plan from a well-known sports brand that includes 185 free workouts ranging from strength training to yoga.

  • Full body workout – easy
  • Working out a separate muscle group – please

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced person, want to box or enjoy running, there are exercises for every occasion.

Life-changing results program, based on your personal choices, personalized recommendations will be built to improve progress and select new exercises, and the more you use Vean, the more effective the advice will be. In the application, you can enter data about any activity to track what and how much you did during the day.

What do you get using our program?

One of the most famous applications for self-study, both in the gym and at home. In the application you will find a huge list of exercises for each muscle group, as well as training plans for men and women divided by goals: weight loss, mass and strength, relief, universal programs.

Individual meal plan:

  • Simple and affordable plans designed by professional nutritionists
  • 120 recipes for the fastest and healthiest weight loss possible
  • An individual approach that takes into account your body type and your eating habits

Extensive training program:

  • Targeted workouts for the most common problem areas: arms, legs, hips and abdomen
  • 80+ interesting exercises from certified trainers
  • Look your best in 15 minutes a day

Exclusive weight loss tips:

  • Little-known secrets of weight loss from celebrities
  • Interesting facts and ways to help start the process of losing weight twice as fast
  • Inspirational stories to keep you motivated

Benefits of Vean

A popular goto weight loss that allows you to accurately track your calorie intake, BJU and physical activity. In addition to calorie counting, the application can monitor the amount of fluid consumed and allows you to add your favorite foods to Favorites.

  • Simple interface
  • Convenient addition of dishes and recipes
  • Large collection of recipes
  • Automatic pull-up of data on physical activity from other applications
  • Nice design
  • Large database of physical activities with types of group training

You can do it not only in the gym, but also at home, according to the finished program. The correct technique for each exercise is illustrated by animation or video, and the timer between sets will help you keep the rhythm of the workout. The application to choose a diet and training plan according to your psychology.

With Vean dieting site, you can create a training plan, plan a workout and fitness for one day, enter the results and track your progress. The application has many free programs and an extensive database of exercises, there are also calculators for calculating 1RM (the maximum weight that you can lift in one repetition of any exercise), body proportions, etc. Right during the workout, it is possible to add exercises with the number of repetitions and the weight involved, as well as mark how difficult this or that exercise was for you.

To start training, just select a ready-made plan (available for men and women), set a goal and optionally add motivating phrases (you can use a photo or an image). Of the minuses, there is no general search for exercises (only by muscle group), and the timer and stopwatch are available only after purchasing the paid version.

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