Gluten-Free Italian Frittata with Spinach & Prosciutto

Must Try

Love a nice Omelet for brunch or a simple supper? Well, here’s an Italian version of one that’s flavorful as well as nutritious. It boasts fresh Spinach, diced Prosciutto (Italian Ham), some Garlic, Shallot, a dairy-free Swiss- cheese, (I used Daiya brand) and some spices. I used Baby Spinach. Here’s another option: adding a small amount of minced Bell Pepper as well. (If so, saute with the Prosciutto) It changes the flavor of the finished product, but if you’re a lover of peppers, go for it. Yum!


6 Extra-large Eggs. 1 medium thickness Slice Prosciutto. Diced. Boar’s Head is gluten free. Check your market for one that’s G-F 3 tbl Extra Virgin Olive Oil, separated into 1 tbl and then 2 tbl for 2nd use ½ Shallot, minced 1 Garlic clove, minced 2 Slices Swiss Cheese, Diced. If going Dairy-free, using that’s fine. I used Daiya brand. ¼ cup Milk. or substitute. I used Coconut Milk. Few Fresh Parsley leaves, Chopped Salt & Pepper to taste Pinch of Thyme. Only a small amount. Truly just a pinch.


You’ll need 2 skillets, one can be small, but the main skillet, holding the finished Frittata should be about 10 in. Cast Iron, or oven-proof anodized, whatever you have that’s able to go in an oven.

In a bowl, whisk up the Eggs & Milk. Season with the Salt, Pepper and Thyme. Add the Parsley next. Lastly, add the diced Cheese. Stir well. Set aside for a few minutes.

In the smaller pan, place 1 tbl Oil and when warm, saute the Prosciutto, Garlic and Onion. Set aside when just slightly golden and flavors have been melded together. Don’t allow to brown up.

In larger skillet, put the 2 tbl Oil. Swirl around in the pan to coat the entire bottom. Saute the Spinach until just wilted. Add the items from the smaller pan on top of the spinach. Combine gently with a wooden spoon.

Place in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for about 5 minutes, but keep a watchful eye on this. It can take a bit longer, ovens vary, as we all know! When the top is golden and the frittata is almost set, remove. Done! Serve with a toasted G-F roll or your favorite Salad.

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