Gluten Free Baked Peaches with Cookies

Must Try

No time to make a fancy dessert? Me either. So, here’s something yummy that’s no work at all; Gluten Free Baked Peaches with Cookies.


1 box Gluten Free Graham-like cookies. (Schar makes one, HoneyGrahams) 2 tbl Sweet Butter, or sub if you are dairy-free, like Earth Balance which I used. 1 tbl Light Brown Sugar Several Ripe peaches. Not mushy, but a bit soft to touch. Halve, remove pit, skin can stay on, ore remove if you want. Honey to drizzle on each. Cooking spray or margarine to grease pan.


Take a box of Graham-Like Cookies, Gluten Free of course, and crumble them up. In a small bowl, smash them and add a dusting of brown sugar, and combine well. Heat 2 tbl of Sweet Butter, (or your substitute if you’re dairy-free. I did, & used Earth Balance. ) in a small fry pan. Add the cookie mixture and stir until soft and well moistened.

In any oven-proof pan, even an aluminum, disposable one, spray the bottom with a G-F spray, or grease with margarine, and then put the cut peaches, center upward, inside. Sprinkle the cookie combo in the opening at the top, and all around. Drizzle with a teas. of honey on each.

Bake at 350 degrees until you see a tinged edge, or some golden edges forming. Keep an eye on them. Ovens vary…mine took only 10-15 min. The whole house smelled great!

Cool a little, & then serve with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream as seen here. Not much work…but tastes like it was!

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